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Posted 65 days ago

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I had a very good experience when I b...


I had a very good experience when I bought the truck, with none of the typical dealer BS stuff you see at other dealerships. After a purchased the truck I had some issues with squeaking in the rear leaf spring area. The service department was very responsive to fix the problem and not just do the TSB. They fixed both issues but took to visits to figure out which is fine. They replaced rear shackles which fixed the clunking, together we where able to diagnose that the rear movement joint in the rear shackle needs high temp geese the GM does not do. This completely fixed the squeaking over speed bumps and dips in the road. I can tell you everyone I talked to with a GMC or chevy has this issue and no other dealership was able to fix. I know of 2 people that traded there truck because of it. They should be award something for going above and beyond for this fix.

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